Protecting Workers from Head to Toe
Protecting workers from injury is the top priority for safety professionals, and there is no substitute for high-quality PPE. According to the National Safety Council, the most common causes of workplace injuries that require days away from work include exposure to harmful substances or environments, overexertion and slips, trips and falls. Staying current on the latest innovations and materials in PPE will help you maximize worker safety, comfort and compliance.
This article covers areas commonly affected by workplace injuries and what to look for in hard hats, safety glasses, performance workwear, hand protection and safety footwear to protect the workers you oversee.

Safeguard the Head and Eyes

A correctly fitted safety hard hat can protect workers from falling objects and obstacles at head level, an unseen risk that employees are often unable to avoid. The level of protection needed varies according to the activity, so when choosing a hard hat, think through what specific protections your workers need based on the job (i.e., light impact versus potential to be around sharp objects), which can vary greatly based on the industry and job site. Those who work in construction and near or around electricity typically need stronger head-protection gear. For construction workers, look for a hard hat with a cover to deflect objects and a cap to absorb shock. Workers who are exposed to electrical hazards should have safety hard hats that resist electrical currents and reduce shock.

Protection for the eyes can be one of the most forgotten forms of PPE due to its removability and potential for discomfort. Safety glasses must be provided and worn in environments with dangerous particles, molten metals, any form of liquid or acid and flying or moving objects. Look for lenses that match the needs of your work environment. Today, there are many lens features to choose from, including anti-scratch and anti-fog capabilities, the ability to keep out harmful UV radiation, side and brow protection and more.