1. Sixty blocks 'fail new Grenfell fire test'
  2. Corporate manslaughter warning over Grenfell
  3. Work to start on covering Grenfell Tower

    Of the 82 buildings that failed the latest test, 47 are local authority or housing association-owned or managed. The new fire safety test is the first of a wave of more comprehensive assessments, which come after previous tests were carried out on hundreds of cladding samples in recent months
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  • Working on roofs
  • Working on or passing near to fragile roofing material
  • Working on glasshouse roofs
  • Working on vehicles
  • Working with bales: loading trailers and stacking
  • Work platforms on fork-lift trucks
  • Scaffolds
  • Ladders


    Falls are the second highest cause of death in agriculture – every year at least eight people die falling from a height. Those who survive suffer broken bones and worse. Falls often happen from roofs, lofts, ladders, vehicles, bale stacks, and unsuitable access equipment, such as buckets. These accidents and injuries
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