1. What is EN388?
  2. Summary of Tests Involved in EN388

    From chemical resistance to fire and flame resistance, the standards have helped us determine the appropriate product for a given application. However, the standards cannot be solely relied on when making a decision. An adequate assessment must be made of how the standard should apply to the specific use. In other words, we need to use common sense. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the blade cut and the puncture tests associated with EN388.

    Let’s briefly review the European EN 388 standard which is designed to assess the performance of a fabric or layers of fabric for their ability to resist heavy rubbing, cutting by a blade or sharp object, tearing, and puncture by a pointed object. The test
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  • Hierarchy of control measures
  • Prioritising collective measures
  • A safe place of work
  • Recent cases

    Falls from Height Risk Assessment Guide

    Other significant hazards associated with working at height include falling objects and the potential for a working platform to collapse or overturn as well as contact with overhead electrical services.

    The exact height at which employers have to implement controls will vary from country to country, but generally, work at height can be taken to mean any work where,
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