How PPE reduces the risk of injury
When we go to work we expect to be safe without any chance of danger, well in some workplaces this is a day to day risk that is sometimes unavoidable. That’s why the PPE market has become so popular, from safety jackets to hard hats, PPE is designed to protect you from all manors of injuries. In this article we will be discussing exactly how PPE reduces the risk of injury in the workplace.

But first lets give you a brief overview of PPE--

What is PPE?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment a name given to a range of protective equipment designed to protect you from a number of hazards. These items are usually broke down into a series of protective type, such as items to protect the hands, eyes, ears, lungs, body and skin.

How PPE reduces the risk of injury?

You have most likely seen hundreds of items of PPE over your lifetime with items such as hard hats and hi-vis vests these items are worn by millions of people around the country, But why?..

PPE is designed to protect the user from numerous hazards in a work environment from flames to lacerations, however each item has specific properties that helps to protect you from a type of hazard. For instance items with hi visibility is designed to protect you from moving vehicles by making you more visible to the driver. Below is a list of items you may find and what they are designed to protect you from.

High Visibility Clothing

This is by far the most common type of PPE is the modern age as it is seen almost everywhere and by every time of industry worker, with everyone from construction workers to warehouse workers wearing this item is no wonder you have seen Hi-Vis so many times.

Hi Vis is designed to make the wearer as visible as possible with luminous strips and a brightly coloured fabric the wearer is reflective and easy to spot, this helps to reduce the chance of a driver hitting the individual because they can see them better.

Fire Retardant Clothing

Like Hi Vis the clue is in the name, Fire retardant clothing is designed to protect the user from open flames and heat, this is often used in industries where the is a risk of fire hazards such as working with gasses and working for the fire department.

Work wear

Although workwear is not designed to protect you in the same way as some of the others on the list however workwear is designed to be durable and long lasting, this gives the user a different type of protection in the form of wear and tear.


PPE will protect you it will reduce the chance of a risk becoming an injury by protecting you from the specific type of injury. Remember to always wear the correct items and if in doubt speak to an expert.