UltraSonic Distance Estimator

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MASTECH - Ultra Sonic Distance Estimator - Calcutates area, volume, Auto converts feets to meters, Back light and Measurement with alkaline battery
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Mastech Ultrasonic Distance Estimator

this intelligent Electronic Distance Measuring Tool sends out narrow beams of ultrasonic waves that "bounce" off solid objects back to the hand-held receiver, a microprocessor then converts elapsed time into a distance measurement and displays it on the LCD.
Built-in laser reference can be used to improve its accuracy. This Ultrasonic Distance Estimator tape is reliable, accurate, precise and easy to use.
Areas and volumes can be easily and conveniently calculated by simply pressing a few button.
Measurement range 0.6 to 15m (2 to 50 feet)
Accuracy ±0.5% ±1 digit
Resolutions 0.01m(1 feet)
Aper ture angle approx. ±5 degrees
Laser diode type Red laser diode 650nm
Power supply 6F22(9V)×1
Batterylife 10 hours of continous dynamic
Dimensions 136mm×59mm×38mm
Calculation range Length: 9999m
Area: 99999㎡
Volume: 99999m3
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Manufacturer Mastech
SKU MS6450
Part Number MS6450
Datasheet MS6450-Manual
Unit 1 Pc
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