SAFER - Composite cylinder 7.0L/300bar, Air M18x1.5,with layer of carbon fiber and Kevlar® aramid filament fiber in an epoxy warp on the PET liner

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Ultraligth SAFER® composite gas cylinders feature a PET liner reinforced with carbon and Kevlar® aramid fibres.

The cylinders provide high mechanical strength and resistance to high pressure impact An external protective epoxy resin layer provides protection against extrinsic factors and easy cleaning.

PET features high barrier properties to guarantee safe gas storage (e.g. oxygen) in SAFER® gas cylinders. The liner protects the cylinder against reaction with gas thus preventing corrosion.

The gases stored in the cylinders are kept clean and user safe. The cylinders are the perfect solution for rescue teams, medical rescue teams and divers.

SAFER® are manufactured and tested using automated, computer controlled processes.

Continuous reinvestment in the plant and the equipment ensures that our cylinders are manufactured and tested in accordance with the most technologically advanced processes available. Automatic data equisition allows full traceability of materials used and the effective monitoring of critical process parameters.
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    SAFER® cylinder properties.
    use of the highest quality materials (c.g Kevlar fibres and PET liners) provides the following SAFER cylinder properties.

  • Comfort - significant reduction of cylinder weight for easy use in rescue operations for fast and comfortable movement in hazardous areas.
  • Lightweight - Safer® cylinders are more than three times lighter than the steel cylinders which is a major advantage for storage of industrial gases. It allows gas cylinder handling without the use of heavy lifting equipment.
  • High resistance to gas temperature changes - inside the cylinder (gas does not heat since the materials used are non-conductive.)
  • Gas purity inside the cylinder - no hazard to user health
  • Electrical insulation ensures - the fire fighter's safety.
  • Resistance to impact and abrasion - transport, storage and delivery
  • Good gas barrier properties (e.g. oxygen)
  • Smooth and easy to maintain surfaces
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