Face Mask Extender Strap - WHITE

Part No. : ME-1
Product ID: 2198

Unit: 1 Piece

The mask extender hooks are compatible with most of the ear-mounted masks, this mask band strap help reduce the pain and pressure of wearing a mask in the ear for a long time.
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Get Rid of Ear Pain: When wearing the ear-mounting mask for a long time,the ear will hurt.This mask extension belt can solve this problem. Change your ear-hanging disposable mask to a headband mask.
Easy to Use: Just hang both sides of the mask belt on both sides of the mask extension belt,and there are three adjustment hooks on both sides of the mask belt, which can adjust the mask belt to your tightness.
One size is suitable for everyone: It is durable and soft .Also suitable for use with protective clothing,hats, and goggles.
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SKU 1000418
Part Number ME-1
Unit 1 Piece
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