Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

For many the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends. Personally I’m very excited to get out of New York for a little while and see my family back in Kansas. I’m not the only on traveling for Christmas. Around 63.9 million Americans will travel over 50 miles from home during the Christmas holiday travel period. While i’ll be traveling by plane, more than 52.4 million Americans (82% of ALL holiday travelers) intend to travel by automobile. Here are some tips for safe travel.

Travel Tips

** Get your car ready for travel. Check the tire tread, battery, antifreeze, windows and brakes. Make sure to have tools such as a jack and lug wrench and that your spare tire is properly inflated.

** Allow extra time in your schedule. Remember, patience is a virtue.

** Don’t drive drowsy! We’ve talked about this before.

** Always travel with a safety kit. This includes a flashlight (with extra batteries), a first aid kit water, food, blankets, and tools in case you get stuck in the snow

** If possible, try to stay off the road between midnight and 3:00AM.

Follow these tips and you will have happy holidays and a wonderful New Year.