A Closer Look at Amber Eyewear
If like any of us here you work in an office, then no doubt you’re in front of a screen all day. In the past we have written about how sitting is the new smoking. But did you know that all those hours in front of your desktop/laptop is doing some serious damage to your eyes? Hence why we decided to take a closer look at Ambr Eyewear (excuse my pun).

Put it like this, even if you have perfect eyesight, hours looking at a screen will put a real strain on your eyes. If you have trouble sleeping or get random headaches, then it might be down to the length of time spent in front of a screen. The solution?

Ambr Eyewear.

Ah no, Ambr glasses are for anyone who spends a large amount of time using screens for work or leisure. We’ve got multiple devices these days so it’s inevitable that prolonged screen use is becoming an issue to eye health. These glasses are perfect for designers, students and anyone fond of a Netflix binge! If you spend over 2 hours a day in front of a screen you might want to think about investing in a pair.

Right before going on it’s good to say this, I spend quite a few hours in front of a screen daily. (8-12 hours per day on average) This has been the case since college so we are talking about 10 years of sitting in front of a screen without thinking of protection.

When you spend that long in front of a screen it’s no surprise that you get a few problems. These problems can be headaches, issues with sleep or generally feeling like your eyes are goosed. Have you ever walked out of work and had the thought “Jesus my eyes are fucked” or when you’re looking at images on your screen and you think they seem blurred but in fact, it’s just you? Well, then you know exactly where I’m coming from here.

Who should use them?

As a society, most of us have become dependant on screens, whether that’s for work or entertainment purposes. One study went as far as to suggest that over 60% of adults are spending six hours plus per day in front of some form of digital display. Hard to argue with aswell by the time to take into account your TV, tablet, smartphone and laptop. While we love our computers it’s a known fact that overuse can do significant damage to our eyes.

Right now Ambr Eyewear has been cornered by the bloggers, writers, designers and those sorts but the reality is anyone who is in front of a screen that much should consider investing. If you already wear glasses make sure you’re protected and get a set that you can wear on the daily that happens to have the blue filter as standard.