17 Safety Tips For Tunnel Construction
In this article, we will discuss safety tips for tunnel construction.

1. Introduction

Safety measures should be carried out in any of the construction sites. One small mistake is enough to occur an accident on the construction site. An accident can take a life of a worker on the construction site. So, to be safe while working on construction sites it is very necessary to adopt all the preventive measures that can avoid accidents on construction sites.

If any accident happens then there should be a facility of first aid as it can save the life of a person. There are a few safety tips that can help you to avoid accidents on construction sites. So, before starting a work always remember the below-mentioned safety tips for tunnel construction.

2. Safety Tips For Tunnel Construction

Here are 17 safety tips for tunnel construction sites are as follows:

1. Providing Proper Training
You need to know all the risk factors before starting work that can make you aware of that particular situation. You should be well trained before doing any particular work. Your training should include these factors:

i. Getting safety training classes

ii. Getting full training related to types of equipment (How does it work?)

iii. Inspecting the equipment and checking their part are well functioning or not.

iv. Emergency and first-aid plans.

2. Wear the Safety Equipment

Safety equipment should be provided for all workers and also for visitors. In the place where the noise is high, earplugs should be used to protect ears from sharp sound. The respiratory equipment should be utilized to protect the nose from dust particles. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves and boots while working with concrete.

3. Create Separate Work Areas
By creating separate work areas, don’t let to enter any unauthorized person inside the work areas.
4. Increase Worker and Work Site Visibility
For making the site more visible spreading water on the ground surface wouldn’t make the air smoky. Don’t spread more water as the ground surface can be slippery. An increase in workers can reduce the load of work from workers.

5. Check Electrical Appliances And Wires Daily
The make a proper path for wire as sometimes it may be dangerous, the worker may get stuck and fell down that might occur an accident. The wire should be inspected daily, the wire where it is naked should be immediately get taped.

6. Use Caution When Operating Heavy Machinery
While working with machinery vehicles, more awareness should be shown. Here are a few things that need to be followed by an operator:

a. Utilize a seatbelt at all times

b. Apply parking brakes whenever vehicles are not in use

c. Put a block in front or behind the tires when left on an incline or declined.

d. Use a spotter when moving, unloading, and loading equipment

e. Check that mirrors and other visual aids like tail lights are attached and operational.

7. Keeping a Competent Person
A competent person is a person who watches all the worker and make sure their safety. All the possible hazards are considered by a competent person.

8. Aware of Surrounding
While working you should be aware of your surroundings, what is going on in your surrounding. While crossing the road, a double cross check should be done.

10. Always Stay Hydrated
While working in the hot sun, usually people get faint due to lack of water in their bodies. So, the competent person should keep his to the individual worker.

11. Always Communicate With Each Other
There should be a good mutual understanding between workers. There should be a discussion of work and the plan should be executed according to the decision taken.

12. If in doubt, ask
If there doubt related to work, equipment is good to ask with experienced manpower. Because they can guide you to operate or run the equipment. So, it is always good to ask whenever there is a doubt.

13. Set Up a Proper Perimeter
While constructing or maintaining underground railways, roadways the proper guide board should be kept. For example, while there is construction going on the underground road the road-closed signboard should be placed.

14. Check Machines and Tools
Before starting work, always check the machines and tools whether they need any maintenance or not. If needed then, take it out from the working area.

15. Providing Proper Light
Inside the tunnel, it is too dark so, proper lighting should be done to avoid an accident.

16. Clean Floor of Tunnel
Always clean the floor of the tunnel and remove the sharp objects gathered from the floors.

17. Providing Proper Ventilation
While progressing inside the tunnel, there should be a good option provided for ventilation. Many accidents cases are heard related to respiratory problems inside the tunnel. So, always provide good ventilation inside the tunnel.

These were 17 safety tips for tunnel construction which are needed to be followed by everyone working on tunnel construction.