1. Preventing Christmas Tree Fires

    U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 200 home structure fires per year that began with Christmas trees in 2011-2015, according to NFPA
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  2. How to Prepare for & Manage an OSHA Inspection

    Safety managers throughout the country work to prevent incidents, minimize injuries and prevent disruption in company production. One of their biggest fears is a knock from an OSHA compliance safety and health officer.
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  3. Key to Ensuring Electrical Safety

    Adequate training, protection from exposure, and disciplined use of ground fault circuit interrupters are integral to keeping workers safe.
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  4. Control dust and fumes in metalworking and welding operations

    Metalworking facilities and welding shops must be diligent in controlling dust and fumes containing harmful metal particulate that are produced during metalworking processes such as welding, thermal cutting, sanding and polishing. Fortunately, there are proven controls to maintain a healthy work environment.

    According to OSHA, acute exposure to various welding fume can result in eye, nose and throat irritation, dizziness and nausea. Prolonged exposure to welding fume may cause lung damage and various types of cancer, including lung, larynx and urinary tract. Health effects from certain fumes may include metal fume fever, stomach ulcers, kidney damage and nervous system damage. And prolonged exposure to manganese fume can cause Parkinson’s–like symptoms.

    OSHA also notes that gases such as helium, argon, and carbon dioxide displace oxygen in the air and can lead to suffocation, particularly when welding in confined or enclosed spaces.

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  5. 3M™ 6500 Series Reusable Half Mask

    The 3M™ 6500 Series Reusable Half Mask has been designed with tough & dirty work environments in mind. It delivers comfort, durability & stability with a firm, lightly textured silicone face-seal and strong body construction.

    ** Quick to remove & refit: proprietary quick latch design allows the respirator to be removed & re-fitted quickly & easily, without disturbing other items of PPE.

    ** Comfortable in tough environments: the textured silicone face-piece not only conforms to the shape of your face, but also helps to minimize slippage in hot workplaces. Meanwhile, the 3M™ Cool-Flow™ Valve helps to remove hot, exhaled air.

    ** Built to last: manufactured from durable materials, the 6500 is ideal for harsh environments. - The construction also minimizes small parts & crevices, allowing you to clean the respirator easily – protecting your investment.

    ** Wor

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  6. hazards control hierarchy to reduce welding risks

    Back to basics
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  7. Climbing fixed ladders: OSHA and ANSI standards’ best practices

    The purpose of this article is to help employers, and occupational and safety health professionals, understand that CLFAS are the bedrock of at-height personal safety.
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  8. Winter Weather Driving: Safety Tips to Prepare, Protect, and Prevent

    Winter is here, and many regions will be experiencing ice and snow on the roads.
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  9. Practical Tips for Implementing New OSHA Fall Protection

    DATE: December 13, 2017
    TIME: 2:00PM ET - 1:00PM CT - 11:00AM PT
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    The EN 388 standard represents the most sweeping revisions to this fundamental mechanical hand protection benchmark in over 13 years. The new standards are reflected in a new pictogram that is explained in detail in this guide.


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