1. COVID-19: Dubai Metro starts operations today. This is what you need to know

    Dubai: Just because Dubai is easing restrictions on movement and shopping from April 26, it doesn’t mean the emirate is foregoing its fight against the novel coronavirus.

    To stop the spread of COVID-19, Dubai has been proactive in testing – over a million have been conducted so far - and offering support for recuperation for those infected. Now, as metros and buses start on their routes, the Roads and Transport Authority is taking precautions such as distributing and putting up stickers promoting awareness and social distancing rules across stations and aboard bogies.

    These stickers address often asked questions such as how many passengers are allowed on a taxi at a time? What’s a good distance to maintain social distancing? And what is the proper protocol for travelling.

    In addition, the RTA has urged extra caution while travelling: masks are manditory, an ad

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  2. Combating coronavirus: UAE conducts over a million Covid-19 tests

    The UAE has conducted more than a million Covid-19 tests, the Ministry of Heath and Prevention said on Saturday. "We continue to increase Covid-19 tests to identify cases as early as possible, with more than 14 testing centres around the UAE, including drive-through testing facilities and home testing for people of determination," said Dr Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention.

    The country announced 532 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday, taking the total tally to 9,813. There were also 127 new recoveries, with the total now at 1,887. Seven new deaths were reported.

    The increase in cases is expected, the minister said, as the UAE ramps up testing among its population. As many as 1,022,326 tests have been done up to April 25.

    Getting more than a million tests done also "reflects the amount of efforts done by our frontline healthcare providers

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  3. COVID-19: Does sunlight rapidly destroy the coronavirus?

    Washington: Does sunlight rapidly destroy the coronavirus? A White House presentation on a mysterious government study says so - but some scientists have called for caution as we await more evidence.

    An official from the Department of Homeland Security made the eye-catching announcement during President Donald Trump's daily pandemic briefing Thursday, showing a dramatic reduction in the virus' viability under the sun's rays.

    But the fact there are no further details about how the study was conducted has left some experts scratching their heads.

    "It looks like someone did a test somewhere," Benjamin Neuman, chair of biological sciences at Texas A&M University-Texarkana, told AFP.

    "It would be good to know how the test was done."

    William Bryan, the official who summarized the findings, told reporters that an experiment was carried out

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  4. Aerosol transmission of COVID-19 can exceed 6 feet, shoes can spread coronavirus on floors: study

    Wuhan, China — SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, can be transmitted through the air beyond 6 feet and tracked across floors, results of a recent study conducted by researchers in China show.

    The researchers collected swab samples from potentially contaminated objects in an intensive care unit and a general ward at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan from Feb. 19 to March 2. The objects included floors, computer mice, trash cans, bed handrails, patient masks and personal protective equipment; indoor air and air outlets also were sampled. The ICU contained 15 patients with severe COVID-19, while the general ward had 24 patients with “milder disease.”

    SARS-CoV-2 was detected in the air as much as 13 feet from the patients – more than twice the 6 feet distance the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends for adequate physical distancing. Further, medical

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  5. Securex West Africa

    Securex West Africa is the leading security, fire & safety expo to attend in 2020. With up to 100 exhibitors expected from all over the world, this is the one security event in the year that you can't afford to miss

    Show Dates: 30 June - 1 July 2020
    Time: 09:00 to 17:00
    Venue: The Landmark Centre in Lagos, Nigeria

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  6. International Emergency Safety Expo 2020

    The exhibition will focus specifically on the solution of Fire Safety, Security & Policing, Road Safety, Chemical Safety, Explosion Protection, Emergency Rescue and PPE, including a series of concurrent programs such as Global Intelligent Safety Summit and Matchmaking Meetings. It’ s where business and networks will be built that will bring you the buyers and benefit the entire industry for years to come.

    Show Dates: 25-27 August 2020
    Time: 09:00 to 17:00
    Venue: Poly World Trade Center in Guangzhou, China

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  7. Safety & Health Expo

    Safety & Health Expo 2020 and its co-located events, which were originally scheduled to be staged in May 2020.
    This rescheduling covers the following events:

    • IFSEC International
    • FIREX International
    • Safety & Health Expo
    • Facilities Show
    • Intelligent Building Europe
    • Workplace Wellbeing Show
    • Counter Terror Expo, Ambition, Forensics Expo Europe, and World Counter Terror Congress (organised by Clarion)
    Show Dates: 8–10 September 2020
    Time: 09:00 to 17:00
    Venue: ExCeL London UK

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  8. Arab Fashion Council has launched a new initiative to create PPE for frontliners

    Fashion designers, cosmetic brands and industry suppliers have been asked to create Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for frontline healthcare works in the UAE, including surgical masks and isolation gowns, in a new ‘emergency network’ formed by the Arab Fashion Council.

    “The Dubai Health Authority is proud to endorse the Arab Fashion Council’s initiative which highlights the strength of Made-in-UAE and proves how Dubai is taking a leading role and all measures to provide safety to its citizens and residents,” said the Dubai Health Authority.

    The new AFC initiative is titled #thread4cause, and aims to respond to high demands for PPE due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as hospitals deal with high numbers of patients.

    PPE is defined as protective gear, such as clothing, helmets, goggles or other garments, that protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection.

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  9. COVID-19: Dubai extends shutdown for hotels, restaurants and events

    Dubai has extended the shutdown for hotel establishments, along with floating restaurants, venues and other event organisers until further notice, Gulf News has learned.

    According to an industry circular issued on April 14 by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, which has been circulated to the above-mentioned entities, along with inbound tour operators, an extension on ‘all precautionary circulars’ has come into effect until ‘further notice’.

    A copy of the circular reads: “In line with Dubai Government Precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of its residents and visitors, we extend all the Precautionary Circulars on the web site until further notice.”

    Previous circulars issued by Dubai Tourism include a temporary closure of all entertainment activities, fitness and health centres, along with a suspension of sheesha services in light of

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  10. COVID-19 pandemic: OSHA details enforcement priorities for area offices

    Washington — OSHA is instructing area directors to prioritize COVID-19-related inspections according to a workplace’s risk of exposure and in coordination with regional offices.

    An April 13 memo from OSHA states that the agency’s interim enforcement response plan gives “flexibility and discretion for our field offices to maximize OSHA’s impact in securing safe workplaces for workers in this evolving environment.”

    Fatalities and imminent-danger exposures related to the pandemic will take priority for onsite inspections. Covered establishments with “high” to “very high” risk levels, such as health care organizations and first responders, will be given “particular attention.”

    Meanwhile, establishments with medium or lower exposure risk levels may not have an onsite inspection – even if workers file complaints.

    “In such cases, area

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