1. For Wildfire Safety, Only Particular Masks Guard Against Toxic Particulate Matter

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Toby Lewsadder stepped outside an Ace Hardware store wearing a simple one-strap dust mask. He knew it wasn’t the right defense against the wildfire smoke lingering in the air, but it was all he could find.
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  2. OSHA renews charter for construction advisory committee

    Washington — OSHA has renewed the two-year charter for its Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health.
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  3. ActivArmr® 97-200 Flame Resistant & Impact Protection Gloves

    Comfort and Dexterity for the Most Rigorous Jobs
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  4. A temp worker safety reminder from OSHA

    Temporary workers should be protected from the sudden release of stored energy just as permanent workers are.
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  5. FEWA and Honeywell agree Northern Emirates energy management deal

    FEWA wants energy savings of up to 30% at public buildings
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  6. Recycling Program Gives Single-Use Gloves and Apparel a Second Life

    To get to a higher level of sustainability, companies are looking at recycling nontraditional or secondary commodities.
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  7. 6 Reasons to Invest in Daily AR/FR Apparel

    Daily wear FR programs help communicate that workplace safety is a top priority.
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  8. Don’t rush gas detection monitoring

    Losing sight of Safety
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  9. Honeywell launches Uvex Avatar™ OTG safety eyewear

    Honeywell launches Uvex Avatar™ OTG safety eyewear to protect industrial workers. New weight-distribution technology and adjustability features deliver added comfort and protection.

    Honeywell announced today it has launched Uvex Avatar™ OTG safety eyewear, a new over-the-glass style designed to meet the changing needs of the U.S. workforce. Three out of four adults in the United States wear eyewear with corrective lenses according to research conducted by the Vision Council.

    For workers who must wear prescription eyeglasses in industrial and hazardous environments, Avatar OTG fits right over their eyewear to provide additional safety and ergonomic advantages. The innovative new weight-distribution technology and premium adjustability features add comfort and protection over previous-generation models.

    “Nobody is protected by their non-Safety Rx eyewear alone. It’s vital that workers wear safety glasses over their prescription eyewear to conduct jobs safely

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  10. MSA puts a Spotlight on Safety

    MSA's mission, unchanged for more than 100 years, not only inspires us – it drives us to help keep workers safe each and every day. That's why we are pleased to announce that our industrial safety blog, Spotlight on Safety™ (SOS), has officially debuted in North America.

    This blog will provide insights, advice, and expertise for anyone who shares our vision in helping keep workers safe. We'll tackle the challenges of driving compliance and promoting worker safety on even the most complex worksites.

    Spotlight on Safety will cover topics such as:

  11. Industry trends in worker protection and safety products.
  12. Advice on responding to changing safety regulations.
  13. Best practice guidance for equipment usage and maintenance.
  14. And so much more!

    New articles are published each Monday. For those who subscribe, you wil
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