1. Industrial Safety Footwear Market to accrue massive revenue

    via construction applications over 2017-2024, APAC to majorly drive the regional demand
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  2. Middle East and Africa Advanced Protective Gear and Armour Market By Product 2024

    Middle East and Africa Advanced Protective Gear and Armor market study by Envision Inteligence discusses in detail about diverse market dynamics influencing the market and covers the leading market players and competitive highlights and trends prevailing over the years.

    The report “Middle East and Africa Advanced Protective Gear and Armor Market is expected to reach USD XX Billion by the year 2024, at a CAGR of X% during forecast period. Increasing terrorist activities and warfare situations around the globe, rising security requirements are the key factors for the growth of Advanced protective gear and armor market. Rapid industrialization is developed moreover developing countries are expected to increase the product demand for industrial protection equipment. All the corporates and multinationals to take initiatives by introducing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing as a part of industry norm to reduce hazardous accidents at work sites.

    Advanced protective g

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  3. Crane collapse: Abu Dhabi municipality suspends works of contractor, consultant

    Crane collapsed on the car at a construction site in Tourist Club area in Abu Dhabi
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  4. Real time 2way communication increases emergency response time

    Once upon a time, dangers in the workplace focused solely on equipment issues or malfunctions. In today’s work environment you must be aware of other risks such as extreme weather conditions, internal threats and updates on the location of onsite construction. Plans to keep employees safe must be adjusted accordingly as work environments change.

    According to the National Safety Council, two million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence every year. Employees are often the first witnesses of any workplace violence and two-way communication can allow internal management or public safety officials to respond faster and prevent the situation from escalading any further. Tools like panic buttons can provide immediate notification of any strange or dangerous events, helping to reduce violent incidents.

    Implementing two-way communication tools between employees, management or public safety officials is revolutionizing safety procedures (planning, d

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  5. Free fire safety systems for 6,900 Emirati families

    Fire safety equipment cost will not exceed the operational cost.
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  6. Stay abreast of these evolving EHS requirements

    It's time to shift gears
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  7. Centre to study fire prevention strategies

    After eight years of preparation, the centre will be headed by staff trained in Europe and Malaysia, in implementing fire safety methods.
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  8. Choose the right PPE when working with hazardous substances

    Working in construction can involve a lot of risk, especially when working with hazardous substances
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  9. Protect construction workers from the neck up with these tips

    For America’s nearly seven million construction workers, the jobs are rigorous and the hazards plentiful. Injuries from falling objects, airborne fragments and extreme noise can all have devastating lifelong effects on cognition, vision and hearing. Likewise, injuries to the head and eyes are among the most costly to employers.

    Construction workers experience the most fatal and nonfatal traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) among U.S. occupations.1 Hard hats are an individual’s first defense against falling objects, heavy equipment, and electric shocks and burns. While hard hats have been employed for more than a century, recent advances significantly improve the protection and comfort they deliver. If the hard hats on your site are more than five years old, it’s time to consider adopting hats with these vital innovations.

    First, be sure all hard hats meet the American National Standards Institute’s Z89.1-2014 standard, determine the amount of protection required (Type I

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  10. Don't Lose Your Head

    By Jayandran Mohan
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