1. Cryogenic Personal Protective Equipment Market

    February 27, 2018 03:33 ET | Source: Profshare Market Research
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  2. MSA issues ‘Stop Use’ notice for welding harnesses

    Cranberry Township, PA — Personal protective equipment manufacturer MSA has issued a Stop Use notice for certain welding harnesses.

    After a field report and an MSA investigation, the company is advising customers to stop using Gravity Welder Harnesses made between July 2015 and Jan. 29 that are marked with the following part numbers:

  3. 10151154 - 304 HARNESS,BLK,KEVLAR,BKD,SD,STD
  4. 10158954 - 304 HARNESS,BLK,KEVLAR,BKD,SD,XSM
  5. 10158956 - 304 HARNESS,BLK,KEVLAR,BKD,SD,XLG
  6. 10158957 - 304 HARNESS,BLK,KEVLAR,BKD,SD,SXL

    Affected harnesses should be taken out of service, marked “UNUSABLE” and destroyed, MSA states in the Jan. 29 notice.

    The leg strap and chest strap of the affected harnesses are incompatible, MSA states. In case of a fall, the shoulder straps might extend and alter the protection provided by the harness.

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